Professional / Personal Overview

I was born in Colombia in 1975 and grew up in Bogotá.   I studied Film and Television Production at the University of Westminster, London/UK.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Arts degree in 2002, I moved to New York City where I started freelancing in the film, television, print and web industries under various capacities: from production assistant and logger, to camera assistant, video assist, photo assistant and digital tech.  Then as a director of photography, producer and video editor.  In 2007 I started a production company, Above All Productions, Inc. to offer video production and post production services to in the creation of short form video. I have since then worked with many wonderful clients helping them tell their stories through video. In 2016 I moved to Los Angeles, California in search for new opportunities and adventures.  Now, I am trying to be bicoastal, living and working both in NYC and LA.

I am a creative and technical filmmaker.  I am adaptable and can wear multiple hats.   I am able to lead a crew and to take projects from beginning through to completion.   I am a collaborator and a good communicator.   I am a passionate storyteller who loves working and playing with cameras and computers.   I am a dreamer and advocate for social justice and peace.


What is your dream job?
Frequently travel as a video journalist and/or documentary filmmaker.

Describe your dream assignment:
Go discover the world, meet new people, learn from the experience, tell a story, shoot video, edit, upload the finished video, and then do it again.

What is the most important thing in your life?
My family and friends will always be my priority.  I try being a loving son and brother, partner and friend.  I want to live a spiritual life and do good for humanity.

What’s your idea of a perfect Saturday night?
Sitting comfortably in front of an amazing view somewhere in the world while having a conversation with a local new friend.

What’s your idea of a perfect Monday morning?
My perfect Monday morning is one that comes unnoticed because I’m not counting the days to pay the bills. It is the morning in which I wake up early and continue with my life and work; happily doing something productive.

In ten years, I want to be:
In ten years I want to be happy and without regrets.

Technical Skills

  • Video production and post-production of promos, commercials, music videos, documentaries, industrials, corporate, health and fitness how-to and educational videos.
  • Photography production and postproduction of fashion, beauty, portraits, still-life products, 360º, health and fitness photo shoots.
  • Shooting video with small and large sensor cameras; shoulder mount, hand held and DSLRs.
  • Shooting photography with Canon and Nikon DSLRs. And medium format Hasselblad, Leaf and Phase One cameras and backs.
  • Lighting for video and photography in studio and location; continuos lighting and strobes.
  • Audio recording and mixing of small video projects.

Computer Skills

  • Video editing: Premiere and Final Cut (Pro and X)
  • Video graphics: After Effects, Motion, Cinema 4D, Illustrator.
  • Video capture and asset management: CatDV, Canon XF Utility, Sony Content Browser, CineForm Studio, Shot Put Pro, RedCine X.
  • Video Color Correction: DaVinci Resolve, Speed Grade, RedCine X, CineForm Studio. And plug-ins: BorisFx, Red Giant Color Suite, Tiffen DFX, Color Finesse.
  • Audio for video: Audition, Soundtrack Pro and SonicFire
  • Video Capture, on set first pass, LUT creation, Asset Management and dailies with Sony Catalyst, Sony Raw Viewer, CatDV, Shot Put Pro, Red Cine X, Comfort Siverstack, Livegrade Pro and DaVinci Resolve
  • Photography and video retouching: Photoshop.
  • Photography capture and processing: Capture One and Lightroom.
  • Office and finance software: Apple's Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms,  QuickBooks, Showbiz Budgeting, Gorilla, .
  • Web design: Adobe's Dreamweaver and Edge. CMS: WordPress. Coding: html, css
  • Main operating system: MAC OS


9/99– 7/02     BA in  Film and TV Production.   University of Westminster — London/UK

9/98– 7/99      Media Studies, English, History, Social Sciences and Humanities, and ESSOL English for Access.  Westminster College — London/UK

Work Experience

01/2018 — Current   Freelance Video Producer, Editor and DP  — New York, NY

07/2017 — 04/2018    Editor, Assistant Editor, DIT, Compositor and Colorist.  The Shed. — New York, NY

  • Created and managed the post-production workflow in a 6-month project producing about 200 promotional product and food videos for OXO
  • Acted as a DIT/Assistant Editor during the shoot passing drafts of videos to the editor
  • Finishing editing, retouching, compositing, color correcting and creating deliverables

1/2007 — 12/2017         Video Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Digital Tech, Owner.  Above All Productions, Inc. — New York, NY

  • Produced, shot and edited hundreds of short form videos for a variety of clients including companies like SAP, Start Gas / Petrol, and Arup.   Non for profit organizations like ISMS, You Can Thrive and the Chefs Collaborative.   Political campaigns like Joe Biden’s bid for President in 2008.   And for magazines like All You, Ladies Home Journal, Fitness and Shape
  • Specialized in promos, commercials, documentaries, music videos, how-to videos, explainers, product demos and short films
  • Provided Digital Tech services on hundreds of fashion, beauty, fitness, product, commercial, and art photoshoots for magazines, advertising agencies and museums

1/03–1/07          Various positions as a freelance filmmaker.  New York, NY

  • Worked for a large number of film, video, photography, and web productions, including feature films, short films, documentaries, reality shows, infomercials, commercials, and photo shoots
  • Worked as a videographer, lighting cameraman, camera operator, video assist, playback operator, video engineer, editor, digital photographer, digital tech, digital capture technician, photo assistant, web designer, DVD authoring, office tech support, sound person, cable wrangler, production assistant / PA. office assistant, assistant producer, camera assistant, assistant editor, logger, runner, assistant everything


English and Spanish


IDA – International Documentary Association
NALIP – National Association of Latino Independent Producers